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Working on the XMPP and something else - 26/01/21

Good Afternoon Reader!

I have been on and off working on adding things like modules to the skyshanty XMPP, with VERY varying levels of success..

I have however, further increased the conversations compliance percentage, at time of writing it is at 66%, up from 37%

http_upload still seems to be the thing giving me the most problems, they should be working fine on conversations, however I think gajim has been having issues displaying them in OMEMO encrypted conversations. I am not too sure about what to do about it to be honest, so it may stay the case for a considerable amount of time, for that I am sorry.

I think today I will put together a little update to the FAQ section, going into more depth about things like plugins and the like.


In the time between reading, playing WoW and breaking the XMPP server, i had been setting up a pleroma instance. I will update the main site with more info about pleroma for anyone who doesnt know about it.

For the time being I have it set to invite only, once I have got to grips with it I will open it up to more people if people are interested, feel free to drop me a message if you are, it all seems straight-forward enough lol.

I seem to have set it up properly, it works at least lol.Its complaining about https but i'll sort it out at some point lol

The only obvious thing to me is it can be a little slow for updating posts, but for the time being i'm putting that to it being new and having a lot to do

I think thats everything for a little while, have a nice day and lemme know if you need anything or whatever.

Thanks for readan!

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