End of Week - XMPP - 16/01/21

Fiddling with this XMPP server has been what i'd been doing for the past couple days, so I have managed to wear myself out, although I still plan to add more things with relatively good pace.

I am sorry it hasnt been a particularly smooth "launch"

However I can now say with certainty that the XMPP service is up and running!

You can customise your account and join/make group chats as expected.

HTTP image uploads/previews arent available yet, I hope to work on them in due course.

Things left to do:

--HTTP image backend and image sending, so you can post images in chat like you would any other service.

--Improving compatability with XMPP protocalls, it is 36% compatible with conversations atm, although I dont know what doesnt work..

Going by the speed at which i've taken for the prior stuff... please be patient..

I also plan to in the future run some other things too, although i'll cross that bridge later down the line..

Thanks for readan!

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