Start of the first full week - 18/01/21

Now that the week has started, I would like to get the XMPP up to snuff with other instances, although this may take longer than expected

This has resulted in several restarts during the day, For which I am sorry, however I have raised the compatability % of the server and am working on adding all the modules that other servers have.

I am also working on a couple other things, however I will keep them a secret for now ;)

Hopefully once I can expand the list of services available I will be content.

I think once all of the major events have happened and my activity calms down a good bit, I will lessen the amount of changes to this page and have less frequent, more pressing announcements, however they will be less exciting, for me anyway lol.

Hopefully you are enjoying your time using the XMPP server, and I hope to be able to provide good service for you for a long time

Thanks for readan!

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