Fediverse Instance

I now host a pleroma instance

Whilst I was busy breaking other things I took the time to install pleroma.

I do not have much experience with it so there have been some ups and downs, but I think i've at least got the gyst. Sign ups are currently set to Invite Only, if you would like to make an account, please read the little ToS and send me either an XMPP, Email or fediverse message. Thank you.

ToS -Terms of Service-

As said earlier, Sign Ups are limited to invite only, but if you'd like to make an account please read the ToS below and get in touch, provided you dont seem like a murderer or something i'll probably invite you.

Terms of Service


I will be writing a little FAQ to cover things that I learnt myself whilst setting it up and things for new users, keeep an eye here if interested


Although I would recommend checking the pleroma docs if you want a more technical answer to any of your queries.

Hopefully it will be something of interest to you

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