Pleroma ToS

This won't be super formal since I havent read up on the legal requirements.

But basically try not to get me thrown in jail, cheers.

the plan for now (i'll update this as appropriate)

The Instance is currently set to invite only, this means that you will have to request an invite via contacting me, i'll likely say yes but if you could just let me know a little about yourself, since I would like to keep it somewhat small.


Due to this being a hobby project rather than any sort of job, I do not have full time commitments to it.

So i cannot respond to every report or anything like that instantly, please expect up to 48hrs for me to have a response, in some cases longer.

I will not be monitoring your accounts, however if the need arises I may have to look through your profile, however since its almost entirely text I dont think i'll have to, just forewarning however.

dont do anything illegal, you wouldnt want me to go to jail wouldya?

Try to use your common sense when it comes to nsfw tagging please, ty

There are no blobcats or blobs here, we will cleanse the blob menace once and for all

Feel free to email me to tell me how wrong my ToS is, because you'll probably be right

I can be emailed here: or via XMPP:

Please allow for up to 48 hours for me to check emails

Lastly by signing up to this pleroma instance you agree to enjoy your time and have a long healthy life

I will update you all on any changes to this page as per my duty. Please enjoy.

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