Pleroma FAQ

Shorter General Version

If you're used to general centralised social media| ie: Gab, Twitter, Minds, Facebook| you'll get the gyst pretty quick.

Basically as opposed to something like twitter, where all servers are hosted, owned and moderated by Twitter. You cannot truly be deplatformed from the fediverse as a protocal.

What is the Fediverse?

The Fediverse is an alternative social media method, it allows anyone to host an instance and interact with others.

User experience/ Timeline Curation

As a User you are able to block people, mute others and follow unfollow people as you please, pleroma allows you to enable/disable certain types of notifications. These tools will allow you to handle any situation where you think you are being spammed, with few exceptions, if such things arrive, consult your admin.

What are the post scopes?

Public - Regular posts, appear on the public timeline, whole known network, and the timeline of your followers. Anyone in a thread can see your posts

Unlisted - Similar to public, but does not appear on public and whole known network

Private - Similar to Unlisted, however only your followers can see the post.

Direct Message - Only the people @'d will see the post.

Alternative Front Ends

Web Front Ends

Soapbox - A more Gab/twitter like front end, created and developed by Alex Gleason

Mastodon FE - The Front End of Mastodon, developed by Gargron, there is also the Mastodon Back end software.

Misskey - Misskey is probably the most unique FE, its designed to be more of a desktop experience, with little widgets added. Misskey is made by syuilo

BloatFE - A minimalist front end designed for older machines, can work with or without javascript. I believe its made by r from FreeSoftwareExtremist.

Mobile Applications

Tusky - A phone friendly client

Husky - A fork of Tusky

other info about the fediverse can be found

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