This won't be super formal since I havent read up on the legal requirements.

But basically try not to get me thrown in jail, cheers.

Due to this being a hobby project rather than any sort of job, I do not have full time commitments to it.

So i cannot respond to every report or anything like that instantly, please expect up to 48hrs for me to have a response, in some cases longer.

I will not be monitoring your accounts, however if the need arises I may have to look through your profile, however since its almost entirely text I dont think i'll have to, just forewarning however.

Feel free to email me to tell me how wrong my ToS is, because you'll probably be right

I can be emailed here: lumeinshin@yandex.com.

Please allow for up to 48 hours for me to check emails

Lastly by signing up to this XMPP server you agree to enjoy your time and have a long healthy life

I will update you all on any changes to this page as per my duty. Please enjoy.

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