FAQ + Things I think are worth telling you.

XMPP is pretty neat, judging by my first impressions. Reminds me of the old days... *sip*

What are the terms I need to know?

Accounts - Name of the local user, you would add them like '@username@chat.skyshanty.xyz'

MUC - Multi User Chatroom, basically, group chats, can join via 'chatname@general.skyshanty.xyz'

Client - software you use to access XMPP.

What Client should I use?

For the time being, I cant make much of a judgement, however if you are on linux, Gajim seems to be a pretty good shout.

Gajim can be found either on your package manager or

Here on gajim.org>

Pidgin also seems to be a decent choice on the desktop

Where can I sign up to chat.skyshanty.xyz?

Currently registrations are open, I will change this page as that changes.

There is not at present a web based sign up, you will have to email me or try signing up on a client like gajim. Gajim works quite well and so far I can recommend it.

If you do make an account, I will be alerted but feel no pressure, I'd like to think i'm pretty chill, although if you drop me a message to say hi either on xmpp or via fediverse, i would appreciate it.

How do I sign up via gajim?

All you need to do is on gajim, go to edit, accounts,add, follow the steps as appropriate.

So if you need a new account, tell the wizard!

I want to group chat, how do I do that?

The MUC (Multi User Chat) server is "general.skyshanty.xyz", I have a room created called general that anybody can join (for the time being), feel free to join that one, or create your own via the server

So far thats all i can say, because anything else would be a big fat "idk"

If my answers havent been satisfactory, please check out XMPP.org

I can be emailed here: lumeinshin@yandex.com.

As before, I will try to reply quickly, but please allow up to 48hrs

Please enjoy your stay

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