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Political movements and the Rights unfortunate self immolation

I’ve been a “right winger” for a very long time, for as long as i’ve been what I would consider to be politically literate. I had a brief stint as a conventional normalfag politically, absorbing whatever was told to me as truth as most do. I was not even a teen then so I think I can forgive myself, especially since even then it was pretty typical ‘egalitarian’ tier stuff, just with a lack of information so it was all coaxed in late 00s mainstream feminist sludge.

I think that if many of us were to visit our past selves, and those of our peers and mentors, we would be overcome with a kind of sorrow that they would not be able to comprehend, for how things have turned out, and for what we have become. In many ways I am how I expected myself to be, given my typical anime fan self at the time, how amusing it would be to tell myself that anime was so socially accepted in just a little time to the point where it would sicken me. What a change from being soft bullied for being an anime fan as a kid. Whilst this reminising may come across as irrelevant to the title, I think that a lot of these changes are political in nature, or at least derived from political waves. Something that I think I will think about in future is whether even this thought is something muddled from the political tar that has permiated in every aspect of our being.

It is hard, when everything you see and do is construed as a political act, to speak sans politic, it is, as much as it pains me to say, already manifest as a form of newspeak. We have soft bans on certain words and certain strings of words, said in certain contexts, with an ever widening scope. How are we to overcome this?

The Jewish Question

Once a question thought to be discussed as ‘what to do with the jews in Germany’ by the National Socialist German Workers Party leading up to the war. I aim to repoint the question, or explore the phrase in the context of discourse within the Right Wing.

I was just about to write a bit about how I didnt mean it as in removal of the jews within the right, but even that and even this just serves to illustrate my prior paragraph about stepping on eggshells.

We can talk about many things online, many things helpful and many things not. We cannot spend the whole time turning every conversation into who is the jewiest jew of them all and how everyone is a plant from the feds. I can understand how from a consumers point of view, creating these allegances and stirring the pot around certain topics can be fun, however in terms of actual political use, it is not only very little, it is counter intuitive. I think that the issue is that for members of the dissident right, the fight of good versus evil has been simplified into easily consumable chunks based on this label. Yes I know how funny it can seem that someone saying in one breath “the fight between good versus evil” in one breath can then complain about the far rights constant exclaiming of jewishness, but I think that there is a key distinction. In place of where one would state anothers evil deeds and machinations in unison to the claim of devilishness, they are being skipped in favour of using prior memes to tie them into it via a ‘jewishness’. I do get it, in some ways it works, you can call up prior things that the reader will agree with and thus associate with this thing right now. However I think that it has broadened in the same way that the left has broadened everything into nothing.


Thank you for reading this rant of sorts. It is somewhat incomplete and may even be two seperate writings mashed together haphazardly from splintered thoughts. I likely will return to the first half some time, since its more reflective of me than the second part, but who knows. We’ll see how much I agree with this in future, or whether its just frustration at retards on fedi lol.

I have been having these weird thoughts lately, my mind has been clouded I think, so I am glad to have been able to write something, even though I hadnt for a long time. I would like to redo the blog site in future, likely with HUGO or some sort for easy expansion and better function without adding much bloat, but we shall see.

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